Thomas and Keri Fryer embarked on the ownership of Blue Bird Kids Academy in February 2013. Thomas received his Bachelor Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering in May 2005. Thomas then went on to work for CPS Energy in Substation Engineering for ten years. Thomas currently works for KBS Electrical Distributor Inc. as an Engineer and in Sales. Keri received her Associates degree in Business Management in 2006. Keri then went on to work in Real Estate for NBCLAR for 7 years and then took a new career path in the medical field at Estes Audiology Hearing Center for 6 years. Now Keri currently works for Blue Bird Kids Academy full time, so feel free to stop by and say "Hi."

In their spare time, Thomas and Keri enjoy spending time with their son Wade and Ty, who you just might see at BBKA. They also enjoy spending time with their families, love traveling, and enjoy boating and water activities and pretty much anything else that keeps them busy! BBKA has been a long awaited dream come true for Thomas and Keri! They enjoy every opportunity they get to meet with the staff, parent’s and BBKA children!

Kimberly Chavis is the Director of Blue Bird Kids Academy. In her past life, Kimberly worked for St. Judes Ranch for Children for 13 years, with the last six years as the Program Director. SJRC is emergency shelter and pregnant and parenting teen home for children ages 0-23 who are in custody of the state. While at SJRC she obtained her Degree in Child Development and Licensed Child Care Administrator certification. Kimberly has over 14 years of experience working with children and six years experience in customer service. Kimberly embarked on the BBKA experience with her sister Keri Fryer and Brother in law Thomas Fryer in February 2013. 

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her husband Willie Chavis and two children Madison age 13 and Mason age 9. She also enjoys arts and crafts, shopping, going to concerts, cooking and just relaxing on the couch!!

Elizabeth Nunez, aka Liz, is the Supervisor of Building #1 at BBKA. Which means that Liz will be anywhere at any time throughout the day. Liz has been with BBKA since March 2014. Liz is a very charismatic teacher who is full of energy and enjoys teaching and doing artwork with children. Liz is a bilingual teacher and loves to talk to the kids in Spanish and English alike. This is her first time in a professional childcare setting but has been babysitting since she was 15 years old. Liz is currently going to school to be an Elementary Teacher.

When Liz is not working hard at BBKA, she enjoys going to Schlitterbahn and Fiesta Texas with her husband Jorge. She also enjoys going to the movies and shopping.


Ms. Vanna, aka Ms. Star joined BBKA in October 2014 and brings with her 6+ years of childcare experience. Ms. Vanna is the Assistant Director for Blue Bird, which means she's everywhere at any given time. Ms. Vanna also will help out in the after-schooler’s building from time to time and she cooks the meals. She enjoys making the kids laugh, singing nursery rhymes and playing ball with the older kids. Ms. Vanna will brighten up anyone’s day with her fun personality and contagious smile.

When Ms. Vanna is not at BBKA, she enjoys spending quality time with her nieces and nephews. She loves to watch her nephew play basketball! She also enjoys being around her friends and family in her spare time.


Virginia Raley "Ginny" joined BBKA June 2015 and is the Lead Teacher in the Pre K classroom and the Supervisor for building #3, our after-school program and summer program. Ginny brings with her 12+ years of professional childcare experience. As well as, Ginny started babysitting when she was 13 years old. Ginny has worked with all different ages and really enjoys teaching Pre K. Ginny has very open communication with parents and welcomes you to stop by and visit anytime with any comments or concerns.

When Ginny is not at BBKA, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Lila and her family and friends. They love going to the lake, camping and shopping. Ginny also enjoys spending time with her friends.


Jazzlyn Avalos joined BBKA in April 2016 and is the Lead Teacher in the 2yr old class. This is Jazzlyn’s first time in a professional childcare setting. Jazzlyn has been babysitting since she was 14 years old and really loves working with children. Jazzlyn loves to sing with the kids, no matter what age group, she enjoys doing artwork and reading books to them as well. Jazzlyn has really enjoyed working with children and looks forward to watching them grow and learn.

When Jazzlyn is not at BBKA, she enjoys spending her days with her friend's. She loves to go shopping, laying low on the couch watching movies and really enjoys relaxing at the river.


SAm Pic.jpg

Samantha Davis is the Lead Teacher in the 3 year old class. Sam joined BBKA in September 2017. Sam has worked in a church nursery and also in a Mother’s Day out program. Sam has also been babysitting her sibling since she was 13 years old. Sam enjoys doing artwork with the kids, circle time and playing outside with them. Sam is excited to be around children and enjoys watching them grow.

When Sam isn’t working at BBKA, she is a manager at Bahama Bucks. In her free time she likes to go on adventures with friends and spend time with her boyfriend, Bly. Sam loves to travel around the world and explore new places.


Kaitlin Tandy is the Assistant Teacher in the 2.5 yr old class. Kaitlin started with the BBKA TEAM June 2017. While this is Kaitlin’s first time in the professional child care setting, Kaitlin has been babysitting her niece, nephew and sister since the age of 13. Kaitlin really enjoys being around children, interacting with them and having fun teaching and playing with the babies all the way up to the after-schooler's.

When Kaitlin is not working at BBKA, she enjoys her free time shopping, hanging out and playing with her niece and nephew and being with her family and friends.


Kelsi Lafavers is an Assistant Teacher in the Infant room as well as a Floater Teacher at Bldg #3. Kelsi joined our BBKA Team in February 2018. Kelsi has never been in the professional child care setting, but was a nanny for 4 yrs and has been babysitting for several years. Kelsi enjoys being around children and being silly, teaching them new things and she is very caring. 

When Kelsi is not working at BBKA, she attends Texas State University, Majoring in Exercise and Sports Science, with a Minor in Biology. Ms. Kelsi plans to be a High School Soccer Coach and Science Teacher after she graduates. When Kelsi is not at school or at BBKA, she enjoys time with friend's, playing soccer and going shopping. 


Victoria Fishbeck is a Floater Teacher in Bldg #1. Victoria started with BBKA in May 2018 and brings with her nanny, church VBS and babysitting experiences. Victoria has been babysitting since she was 12 yrs old, she also completed 2 summers of being a leader for Kindergarten and 2nd graders at her Church during Vacation Bible School. Victoria was a nanny for a family the summer before last. Victoria really enjoys playing music and dancing and singing with the children as well as, doing crafts with them

When Victoria is not working at BBKA, she attends Texas State University and is aspiring to be a teacher. Victoria enjoys being with her husband and anytime they get to travel. She also enjoys, watching the Astros and attending her sister’s FFA events and watching her show steers.


Berklee Kisselburg joined BBKA as an after school Teacher working with ages 5-11, in September 2018. Berklee has been babysitting since the age of 12 and for several years worked at her church’s child care center. Berklee enjoys helping the kids with their homework and coming up with new crafts.

When Berklee is not at BBKA, she is at Texas State, majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Special Education. Berklee plans to be an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapist for children with Autism. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, doing arts and crafts, going to concert and going out dancing.